Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Exhibitions: Brock, Schwalb, Bean, Longo

Upcoming Exhibitions

Wherever in the country you are, I hope you get to see one of these shows!

Of Earth and Sky
Charissa Brock + Martha Pfanschmidt
September 3 - November 1,   2014 
Artist Reception    Saturday, September 13, 3:00 - 5:00 pm    
Bullseye Gallery, Portland OR

An artist book by Susan Schwalb will be featured in Livre d’Artiste d’Aujourd’hui: Collaborations, at The Center for Book Arts in New York, through Sept. 27:

Nocturne, 2001, mixed metalpoint scroll book with CD

Schwalb will also have work at The Art Store in Charleston, West Virginia this fall. I love the rich fall colors in this print:  
A Presence in the Dark, 2012, two colored etching

Bennett Bean will have a ten-day pop up show at Hal Bromm Gallery in New York, Oct 7-17, featuring not only his ceramic works but his studio's exquisite rugs and furniture. Bean's invited other artists and designers to show with him during this special event, including wood turner David Ellsworth.
Cut-Out Chair, Bennett Bean, powdercoated aluminum

Chiyomi Taneike Longo will exhibit her work at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Sept. 6 - Oct. 23, alongside Willard Dixon and Anthony Delgado. 

Kai Cho of Sumi #55, mixed media on canvas

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fiber Show opportunity; new work by Michael Kessler

The Muskegon Museum of Art announces a call for entries for Extreme Fibers: Textile Icons and the New Edge, a two-part exhibition that will feature artwork from established and emerging textile artists from around the world. Deadline Nov. 14. More info here.

Painter Michael Kessler is working on a new series of works on paper that are truly stunning. From his recent blog post, he writes "Being a painter is really like being an alchemist. Alchemy is transforming lead into gold and painting is transforming base materials into art. The key word is transformation." Read/see more here.

Skylandacrylic wash on paper on panel