Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mesa Contemporary Arts Benefit

Last night's 10x10 Benefit Show & Sale for Mesa Contemporary Arts (at the Mesa Arts Center) was a great event and a successful fund raiser. People got in line up to an hour in advance of doors opening to have first crack at their painting of choice, and by the time I got in I was happy to see a great number of the works had been sold. Each painting was created by an Arizona artist, and it was impressive to see the quality of work that was donated. Judging by the exceptional art, I can only think that the artists obviously cared about being a part of the show and contributing to the success of the MCA. Often auctions can be a disappointing selection of second-tier works, but the results of last night's exhibition tells me that MCA is involved in a truly successful give-and-take with the artists of the community, and they care about each other's success. Wow!

Artists Farraday Newsome and Jeff Reich (both are also teachers in the MAC's ceramics department).

It was also pleasing to see some artists crossing over into an atypical media for this event: some sculptural artists tackled work on canvas, with great results, and others forwent the canvas for their known medium but adapted it nicely to the 10" x 10" format. The mixed media created a well-rounded visual texture in the show.

A number of artists represented by Cervini Haas participated, and the pieces were tantalizing. Here are each of their works:

Stephen Johnson, "Field", reed, paper, paint, m/m.

(top left) Sandra Blain, "Exterior", stoneware, m/m.
(top right) Stephen Johnson, "Field", reed, paper, paint, m/m.

Jeff Reich, "Agave Moon", acrylic.

Sarah Obrecht, "Bloom #2", copper, polymer clay, acrylic.

Sarah Obrecht, "Bloom #2" and Farraday Newsome, "Gone", acrylic (lower level, white background).

Sandra Blain, "Interior Markings", earthenware w/slip, oxides, glazes.

These other pieces really piqued my interest, some of them being artists new to me, others a reminder of how much I like these people!

Carol Panaro-Smith & James Hajicek, "Conversations in the Garden", photogenic drawing on masonite.

Marla Hattabaugh, "Attempting 10", fiber wall quilt.

Kaori Takamura, "Sewn/Crossing" (top), "Sewn/Circle", acrylic on canvas, stitching.

Les Lawrence (apologies, I didn't note the title of this intriguing m/m work).

As well, it was nice to be back out and about after a long hot Phoenix summer, when we all hibernate indoors. October is generally the start of the art season here, and it was a treat to be at this event, see a number of artists/friends, and enjoy the fantastic MAC building. I'm looking forward to going back to take a better look at the exhibit of Mexican Art "Conexiones".


  1. Inspiring works. What an exciting exhibition. Thank you for sharing.