Friday, February 19, 2010

LA Visit

Last weekend was a quick trip to Los Angeles to see painter Chiyomi Taneike Longo. She's gathering her work to be shipped down to Ensenada, for her first retrospective exhibition. Sponsored by the United States Consulate General in Tijuana and ADC Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Japanese American artist Chiyomi Taneike Longo exhibits a retrospective (1995-2010) of her mixed media abstract paintings in the Sala International of Ensenada’s Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEARTE). This is going to be exciting!

I brought the work to ADC Gallery, and enjoyed seeing co-owner Marisa Caichiolo again. She is so vibrant and dedicated to her work - I can't believe everything she accomplishes! I got to see their new space for the first time, which is beautiful. Located on Factory Blvd, the complex has a wonderful courtyard that they use to its fullest, having special performances each opening night.

Marisa and I also talked briefly about about collaborating, so stay tuned! Am very excited by this prospect!

There will be about 60 of Chiyomi's paintings in this exhibition. Every nook and cranny of ADC is filled with plastic-wrapped paintings, and there will be more work being driven down just in time for the opening! There are some exciting new works that will be featured:

"Resurgent #3," 2010, oil/acrylic/charcoal on canvas diptych 52"x100"

"Reflection #3," 2010, oil/acrylic/charcoal on canvas diptych 48"x108"

(And yes, these two delectable works are for sale....)

The next morning, I met Chiyomi and Al Longo in our usual spot: Marukai Pacific Market on Redondo Beach Blvd. in Gardena. The most amazing Japanese market, with a huge selection of tiny restaurant kiosks to graze from! We usually spend several hours there, starting with coffee and pastries and moving on to lunch..... very decadent.

A PS: Went to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show at the beginning of February - fantastic! I only went to one bead show and the African Art Village, and that was overwhelming enough. Don't know how the diehards hit all those shows! Picked up some beautifully-colored seed beads and some unforgettable jasper, and was inspired overall. Hope the shows were profitable for all.

There was a booth that had tons of African and Afghani silver; was fascinated by this shirt. It was traditional-looking, but notice the zipper that runs along the hem! Probably caught my attention as I'm anticipating Kate Cusack's participation in March's Art Jewelry Trunk Show.